Confidential Record Storage and Archiving, Destruction Only, Scanning and Storage of Laboratory Slides and Blocks

01/04/2015 - 31/03/2019

Supporting NHS organisations with the management of their confidential paper records and laboratory slides and blocks.

This framework agreement has a number of lots offering services to support NHS organisations with the management of their confidential paper records and laboratory slides and blocks.

The suppliers available are fully compliant with the Information Governance Tool kit Level 2 as a minimum. HTA compliance is in place where required for the storage of relevant human tissue samples.

This framework contains a number of competitively priced suppliers with experience in handling NHS records.

It includes a cap on future exit costs to assist NHS
organisations in managing the transfer of services in the future together with innovative solutions to support NHS organisations with extraction costs from legacy agreements.

Lot 1: Storage and archiving and destruction of confidential records

Off site storage, retrieval, archiving and destruction of paper based confidential records, i.e patient records, legal papers, financial documents and records etc, that may be produced by an organisation. Track and trace facilities to support the movement of records. This lot includes a level of scan on demand for urgent record retrieval.

Lot 2: Destruction only of confidential records

Destruction of paper based confidential records, both on site and off site. Auditable destruction procedures.

This lot includes the provision of containers, recycling, collection, treatment and final disposal of confidential waste.

Lot 3: Bulk scanning of confidential records

This lot covers the scanning of all paper record types to create a digital version to a standard which at least matches all legal and practical requirements with the characteristics necessary for use by all consultants, doctors, clinicians and other service providers such as ward staff. This also covers library scanning and/or future scanning, bulk scanning and ad-hoc scanning.

Lot 4 Storage of laboratory slides and blocks

This lot covers the requirement to collect, store, retrieve and destroy laboratory blocks and slides containing human tissue samples/cells within appropriately controlled environments to protect the samples. Refrigerated storage facilities are available also though this lot where required.

  • Compass Minerals Storage and Archives Limited (t/a DeepStore)
  • DataSpace UK Ltd
  • DDC Outsourcing Solutions (t/a CGF Marketing Services Limited)
  • EDM Group Limited
  • Hugh Symons Information Management Ltd
  • Iron Mountain (UK) Limited
  • MTS Cryo Stores UK Ltd
  • Shred-it Limited
  • Stor-A-File Limited
  • Storetec Services Limited
  • Uniscope International Limited

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