CPC Drive: Vehicle Leasing and Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme

01/04/2018 - 31/03/2022

Following a full EU procurement tender process this sole supplier framework provides Vehicle Leasing and Vehicle Salary Sacrifice schemes (including the provision of vehicles) provided through a web based portal platform branded CPC Drive.

CPC drive now has around 100 live schemes, 300 thousand eligible employees, saves around £4m per annum for NHS and public sector organisations, and has over 11,000 cars on fleet.

CPC Drive is a great staff benefit that can also generate big savings for the trust.

  • Provision of subsided lease and salary sacrifice schemes
  • Trust pays monthly, reducing impact on cash-flow
  • Competitive 2 or 3 way tendering ensures employees secure the best deal
  • Secure online portal, with personalised log-on
  • Ability for employees to remotely interrogate and receive no obligation quotes
  • For leased vehicles: the ability to incorporate the relevant trust’s subsidy policy
  • Provides employees with clear potential personal finance and tax implications
  • Clear and easy ordering approval process
  • Easy and intuitive ordering system
  • Provides trusts and/or employees with robust and fully compliant taxation regimes.

Contract managed by the fleet team under the management of NOE CPC who will provide:

  • Management reporting
  • Guidance and advice
  • Recommendations to trusts based on information gathered through the system.


Employer NI savings can be achieved on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, with schemes designed individually to achieve your objectives.

It’s risk free

We offer a lifestyle protection to remove risks such as employees resigning or being made redundant, or going on extended leave i.e. Maternity.


We make running a scheme simple. Without costing a penny to implement, we keep your admin to a minimum and work with you every step of the way to promote the scheme.

It’s a great perk for employees

For no extra cost you can motivate and retain your current employees and appeal to new talent with the ultimate employee benefit – a brand new car.

It’s green

New cars are the greenest on the market with lower CO2 emissions. Plus we offset the carbon for every CPC Drive car making them carbon neutral.

  • Tusker Direct Ltd

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