North of England
Commercial Procurement Collaborative

Further Competition

NOE CPC has a wide portfolio of framework agreements which are the output of full ‘OJEU compliant’ tender processes.

Many of these framework agreements are structured to enable a secondary competitive process, often referred to as a 'mini competition' or 'further competition' to be undertaken under the framework agreement.

The benefits of undertaking a further competition process is that it allows the identification of a best fit and/or best value solution in order to meet the specific needs of your organisation, without the need to go through a full OJEU procurement process.

As such, a further competition can often be undertaken relatively speedily in order to meet your own organisational needs.

The facility to undertake further competitions and the precise mechanism for how these are to be conducted does vary across NOE CPC's portfolio of framework agreements.

However, in many instances NOE CPC can offer both member and non-member organisations options to provide direct support to help undertake a further competition.