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Commercial Procurement Collaborative

Managing our supply chain

We recognise that good procurement practices have a direct influence on our business performance. We need to manage our supply chain effectively ensuring that the contracts and frameworks we put in place are provided by suppliers who meet the highest ethical standards, and provide the best quality products and services that comply with NHS regulations.

We encourage supplier diversity and provide all suppliers with the opportunity to work with us. In turn, we ensure that we treat our suppliers fairly, dealing with them openly and adhering to contract terms.

Why we do this:

  • We use our purchasing power to secure best value goods and services for all our customers
  • Through effective supply chain management we can create even greater efficiencies and generate savings for our customers
  • By managing our supply chain responsibly we ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and maintain our reputation
  • We invest in the local economy by using local suppliers
  • We work with smaller suppliers, social entrepreneurs and the third sector and help them to develop their businesses so they can compete more widely.

Our relationships with suppliers are managed by employees who are specialists in their category area. When we were established in 2007 we organised ourselves by taking a category management approach which has allowed us to build strategic partnerships. This approach has worked well and makes it easy for our customers to speak to the right person.

All our suppliers must register on our supplier portal In-tend, allowing us to monitor our suppliers and ensure that we have a consistent approach to capturing information. We also use the portal for online tendering and give all registered organisations – regardless of size – the opportunity to work with us.

We ask suppliers to complete a detailed questionnaire including questions covering anti-bribery and corruption, working conditions and the health and safety of their employees. This allows us to identify and manage any potential risks in our supply chain, including risks to our reputation and continuity of supply of goods and services to our customers. It is a robust process which ensures that we select suppliers who meet our standards.

We are currently rolling out a new procurement tool to our customers which enables them to view all items and services available on each of our contracts and frameworks via an online catalogue.

Ways to access our contracts and frameworks


Gives customers access to all of our contracts and frameworks and the benefits they bring

Short to medium term contracts

Where we provide single or multiple bespoke procurement services

Contract access

To non-membership customers to individual contracts and or frameworks for a fixed one-off fee