North of England
Commercial Procurement Collaborative

Procurement Policies

The way we manage our procurement and supply chain is increasingly important to our reputation and corporate social responsibility objectives.

We recognise that good procurement practice can directly enhance our business performance by securing best value goods and services for our customers against favourable commercial and contractual terms

This policy is fully endorsed by the senior management and performance group (SMPG) and Leeds and York Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) board, who monitor our procurement performance through a range of measures including savings delivered and compliance

NOE CPC is committed to conducting procurement activities in a manner that:

  • Meets the highest ethical standards and is compliant with the relevant legislation, best practice and NHS policies and procedures

  • Maximises our spending power by aggregating demand and establishing customer collaboration for each of our contracts and framework agreements wherever possible.

  • Delivers the best value in terms of price, quality and specification of products and services to our customers

  • Allows for accurate reporting of customer spend and savings analysis, as well as supplier information to ensure that corporate and financial targets and objectives can be met.

  • Recognises professional collaborative procurement as a significant contributor to enhancing our customers' performance

Our core principles and commitment to best
practice procurement

As a public sector procurement organisation NOE CPC strives to achieve best practice in the procurement activity it undertakes. NOE CPC is committed to conducting its activities in line with the core principles of the EU Directives (as implemented in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by the Public Contracts Regulations).

Those principles include:

  • Equal treatment of all bidders

  • Contracts that are advertised and awarded on a fair and transparent basis

In addition to the EU Directives, NOE CPC has its own '7 Procurement Principles':

1. Competition
We believe that competitive tendering is an essential tool in securing value for money when procuring bought-in goods and services

2. Continuous improvement
We are committed to the continuous improvement of procurement at NOE CPC, and have the same expectation of our supplier base

3. Efficiency
We will work towards standardising our operating practices for procurement, and will seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our procurement services through adoption of robust e-commerce and technology solutions wherever possible

4. Equality
In undertaking procurement activity we shall consider equality and shall treat all providers and suppliers equally

5. Quality service
We aim to provide a quality service to our own public sector clients, and we will ensure that the goods and services we procure on behalf of our clients support the provision of a quality service to their own patients, service users, and customers

6. Transparency
Wherever possible we will aim to ensure transparency in terms of visibility of contract information. Within any procurement process we shall be transparent with all providers in terms of the process that is to be followed, and the application of evaluation/award criteria

7. Value for money
Through our procurement activity we will strive to achieve ‘best value’ for our customer organisations and the tax-payer