Personality Disorder Services – NHS England and National Offender Management Services

Personality Disorder Services – NHS England and National Offender Management Services


We have so far worked twice with the co-commissioners to manage the procurement for new Personality Disorder Services into separate prison settings, HMP Garth and a gender specific service at HMP New Hall, along with a mentoring and advocacy service as part of the Government’s objective to improve the management of offenders with personality disorder.

The services are intended to provide treatment to offenders who present a high risk of serious harm to others and have a personality disorder. The mentoring and advocacy service is to further support women within prison and in the community. The high-level objectives are to reduce repeat offending, improve psychological health and wellbeing and improve the skills of staff working with those individuals with personality disorder. The services needed to be delivered on time and within budget.

How NOE CPC contributed

NOE CPC worked closely with both the co-commissioners and prison staff to formulate the tender documents and design efficient, robust tender processes which would identify the most suitable provider for each service, utilising our evaluation systems to ensure full transparency of the process in each instance.

We co-hosted bidder information events and provided full hands-on procurement project management service to the co-commissioners. We supported bidders throughout the tender process, during the clarification period of the tender, and as required with regards to the use of the system. The co-commissioners and other evaluators were trained in the use of the evaluation system and supported throughout, with the moderation of the tenders being chaired and facilitated by NOE CPC.


The objectives of the procurements were met fully, in accordance with our obligations under the Regulations, within budget and, importantly, on time. The services commissioned are now working within the settings and within the community to support offenders and service users in promoting their rehabilitation, reducing offending and improving their health, stability and wellbeing.


"I am delighted with the support you have given us from the outset, you have managed the process expertly and allowed us to get on with the job of assessing the bids. The process has been very enjoyable. We have at least two further major procurement exercises for the North of England and on the basis of how you have managed this process we will definitely be asking you to help us with these."

Mick Burns, Mental Health Supplier Manager/PD, Offender Pathway Co-Commissioner (North)