New NOE CPC Support Desk and website now live!

  • 28/01/2019
  • Written by Juliet Moore

Our commitment to enhance the NOE CPC customer experience

We are delighted our new support desk and website are now live. The introduction of the support desk and new website have been undertaken in order to deliver an enhanced customer experience and improved quality of service. Both of these new support systems are underpinned by the four dedicated Category Teams: FM, Property and Business Services; Technology (ICT); HR and People; Healthcare Services and Pharmacy. This ensures we have specific category focus, expertise and have the right people on hand to provide support to our customers.

Our new support desk

The support desk is intended to supplement rather than replace direct communication with your usual NOE CPC contacts, and facilitates an enhanced, consistent and more timely response to general enquiries. The support desk team is led by Neil Davis, Procurement Support Team Manager, and supported internally by our new Procurement Operations team. The support desk is operated by a committed team, with dedicated resources aligned to NOE CPC activities. This enables us to effectively filter and direct calls to the relevant contact to ensure you receive appropriate support in both general enquiries and our specialist category areas.

In addition to providing an effective and timely response to enquiries the support desk also enables us to report on activity to ensure our continued commitment to improving customer service. The support desk is now available and staffed Monday-Friday during normal working hours. It uses a dedicated email and telephone number for NOE CPC customers: | 0114 212 2122. It has an internal support ticketing system to manage and track enquiries. The new website is linked directly to the NOE CPC support desk to ensure a quick and accurate response to requests for further information or framework access requests.

Our new website

The new website is designed to act as a central resource point for our customers. In order to improve our online access and customer resources the new website has a tiered access system. Non-logged in users will see an overview of a framework. More tabs will appear for logged-in users providing access to all documentation, templates, information and access requirements relating to a framework agreement. You will also be able to book events and training which will appear in your My Folder dashboard.

Each framework agreement has a click button process to request access which will require authorisation, once approved you will then be able to use the selected framework agreement. This is designed to make the whole process, quicker, smoother and more transactional from your point of view.

Phase 1 live

Phase 1 of the website is now complete and available for you to access online. Phase 2 is currently in progress which includes; incorporating the fileshare documents within the relevant framework page, creating a My Contracts area in the My Folder dashboard so you can see all contracts your Trust has access to, and refining the current Briefing Documents into accessible online user guides.

The teams have worked hard on these projects in order to deliver continued improvements to NOE CPC customers. Thank you for your support as these become established. We hope you find them a more and more valuable resource as they develop.

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