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Working with the NHS

The NHS is a huge potential marketplace for your business. The information on this page should help you to better understand how to do business with the NHS.

The NHS is made up of many individual NHS trusts, each responsible for buying its own goods and services. Most trusts have dedicated professionals who take responsibility for the management of supplies, contracting and procurement. Like all public sector organisations in the European Union, NHS trusts have certain rules to which they must adhere.


When an NHS trust wants to buy a specific range of goods or services it usually needs an official contract putting in place. This is always the case for expenditure over a specific European limit and often the case for lower levels of spend.

They may choose to utilise an existing public sector contract such as those put in place by Government Procurement Service or NHS Supply Chain (who provide logistical support to the NHS). They may also choose to use a collaborative NHS contract such as those put in place by NOE CPC, or a local contract specific to their own needs.

Click here to find out further information about responding to tenders.

Supplier events

NOE CPC hosts events to support suppliers selling to the public sector. Further details of these can be found on the events page.